Strategies For Controlling Project Overspend in 2015

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  Duration: 25 minutes

When the price of oil was coasting at the $100-$125 range, companies could get away with small overspend and supplemental project AFEs here and there – the margins would simply make up for the higher costs. That approach doesn’t work today. Now, being able to visualize every capital expense and quickly identify potential areas of overspend early in the process are musts.

In this 25-minute session, you’ll learn how to reduce the cost of managing AFEs, shorten the AFE approval process from weeks to days, and prevent unnecessary overspend situations from occurring – all by focusing on industry best practices and better processes.

Jordan Esbin | P2’s Product Management Team

Jordan joined P2 in January 2014 and has five years’ experience delivering software solutions to various organizations. Before coming on board at P2, he created innovative governance, risk, and compliance solutions for a wide range of publicly-traded companies. Jordan graduated from Purdue University and is heavily involved in nonprofit work, including at Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver. He’s passionate about spending time in the field with oil and gas teams, learning more about what they do, and finding ways to make their day-to-day jobs easier. When he’s not working, chances are you’ll find Jordan on his mountain bike or on his skis.

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