Demystifying NGL Management: How To Improve Your Operational Visibility & Decision-Making

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  Duration: 25 minutes

During times of significant price disparity between liquids and gas, it has become increasingly important for upstream oil and gas companies to sell NGLs and effectively manage the measurement, allocation, and reporting of them. There are many complex problems associated with NGLs, including quality analysis, complex allocations, and the fact that plant operating data used to determine daily liquids-to-gas breakdown isn’t available until weeks after the close of the month and is available only at the monthly level. This leaves teams in the dark far too long and limits their ability to make important business decisions.

In this webinar, Terry Kite, a Director of Product Management at P2, will show you how to use historical actuals to create liquid and gas estimates and the benefits of doing so. These benefits include:

  • Better Profitability
  • Increased Operational Awareness
  • Enhanced Owner Relations
  • Improved Marketing Arrangements
  • Daily Visibility Into Your Production

Presented By:

Terry Kite
Director, Product Management

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