Oil & Gas Mapping: How Outsourcing Services Can Save You Time & Money

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  Duration: 27 minutes

During this time of market volatility, having mapping resources that you are confident in and can rely on provides a distinct advantage. Of course, money is tight and teams are being asked to do more with less.

Todd Burdette, from P2’s Tobin Data team, will discuss how Tobin’s dedicated mapping specialists use the latest GIS technology to generate maps and provide support where companies’ mapping departments don’t have capacity. With Tobin’s mapping services, you can:

  • Quickly visualize potential A&D opportunities and act.
  • Get caught up on critical backlogged mapping projects.
  • Complement your current staff by having a team dedicated to building maps for your most important business needs.

Presented By:
Todd Burdette | Sr. Product Manager

Todd’s oil and gas career got under way in 1997. After a brief recess from oil and gas to do GIS in the aeronautics industry, Todd was quickly lured back to the upstream GIS business. In total, he has 16 years of upstream GIS experience. Todd is a regular speaker at P2’s ASCEND conference and has also spoken at the ESRI Petroleum User Group. A runner, reader, and father, Todd graduated with a degree in Business Management from Metropolitan State University of Denver. He’s also an Eagle Scout.

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