How To Make The Best Exploration Moves When Money Matters Most

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  Duration: 25 minutes

Not all oil and gas plays are created equal. Some are deeper and cost-prohibitive, others are shallower and economically viable. Some are situated near pipelines and other infrastructure, others are located in remote areas. If companies are to navigate today’s low-price environment, teams have to make strategic, cost-conscious decisions for the business.

In this 30-minute session, you’ll learn how the combination of proprietary data, competitor data, and infrastructure data can help you gain a clearer picture of the upstream oil and gas marketplace and achieve better business results.

Presented By:
Mike Kennedy | VP, Land Management Solutions

Mike’s 35 years of oil and gas experience include 18 years in software and 17 years in the industry itself. Before making the move to the technology side, he worked as a Geophysical Surveyor, Mapping Draftsman, and Land Administrator at Phillips Petroleum. Mike attended Oklahoma State University and is a member of NALTA and NADOA. When he’s not in the office, Mike enjoys hunting and fishing, traveling, and spending time with his three grandchildren.

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